Product Care


Caring for your A1 Party Supply products

·Wash with mild soap and water.
·Fragrance free soaps are best.
·Towel dry with a soft cloth, DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS since they may break apart and leaving dust, lint or little pieces of paper on the attachments.
·You can also use a sex toy cleaner to keep the products like new.

·Once the product is clean and dry, it is ready for use.
·Do not leave your product in direct sunlight to speed drying.
·Do not put toys in the dishwasher to clean them. The high heat may damage them.

·Keep item out of direct sunlight;
·material and/or color may fade with prolonged exposure.
·Avoid contact with other rubber products.
·Some rubber products react with each other, causing the materials to become spongy, or blend.
·Try to put toys in proper storage cases/bags, or try to prevent toys frmo laying on each other.
·Product is compatible with water based, or silicone based lubricants.
·DO NOT use vaseline, or baby oil.

·Do not attempt to warm this product in a microwave or conventional oven.
·If you do need to warm the attachment, a glass of warm water, (not boiling) may be used.
·Do not put electrical/battery operated toys in water if they are not waterproof.

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